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Natural park Thayatal Podyjí

This national park represents an exquisite conserved exhibit of a landscape in river valley in hilly country of the Middle Europe. This preserved region with 63 km2 stretches through the deep valley of the Dyje river from Vranov nad Dyji to Znojmo. Almost whole valley is covered by natural wood. The region is famous for its magnificent natural scenery created by rocks, meanders, detritus fields and gorges but also by meadows along Dyje and by shiny steppes.. An outstanding variety and high concentrations of animal and vegetable types is characteristic for the park. The whole area is for majority of visitors fully unknown because of its position close to the border line. The national park lies in frontier zone and that’s why it used to be inaccessible. The whole valley is nearly overgrown by naturalistic wood. In the west part we may find the rests of original foothill beeches, firs and yews wood. Besides common breeds of trees there are other rare and for Podyji characteristic species. So-called “valley phenomenon” occurs in the entire area. Thanks to that some animals and plants move westward to the valley from southeast warm area. While the foothill breeds migrate in the opposite direction from the west, which we can see on the north colder and shady slopes of the valley.

The number of protected breeds of plants is 77. The unique planes of moor and steppe heath in the southeast part of the park have created by cutting down original trees and successive grazier. The heaths are significant among all by appearance of rare plants and insects. In the area of the park it has been made out 65 breeds of mammals and 152 breeds of birds, most of them nest here. There are also 7 kinds of reptiles. Some kind of fishes lives here, originally from the place of today’s Vranov water-reservoir.

Breeds of insects are occurred here in plenty as well as 12 kinds of butterflies and beetles.